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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Octavia au Lune in Red Rising?

She was born on Luna to a tyrannical father and is a Peerless Scarred. At the age of nine, she started a riot by throwing her diamonds out of a flying car. Eventually she would develop a hatred for her father and would ally herself with a young Nero to overthrow him. She would rule with an iron fist.

Why does Octavia au Lune have a crescent scar on her face?

She also fears the inevitability of age. "Ageless face....only one imperfection mars her golden face- a long crescent scar running along her right cheekbone" ~Red Rising (page 17) Due to her age treatment, she has been described to have an ageless face. She is a Peerless Scarred, so there is a long crescent scar across the right cheek.

Why did Octavia hide in the Crescent vault?

When The Rising sails upon Luna with their fleet, Octavia hides within the Crescent Vault underground. She directs the war effort from there, when Darrow and Virginia are brought to her by Cassius, Antonia, and Adrius. She sentences Antonia to death for her role in the defeat of the Sceptre Armada, and the sentence is carried out by Aja.

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