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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Octavia prime relics on prime access?

Octavia Prime Relics – It’s no secret we love Octavia, which is why we’re hyped that her prime variant will be on Prime Access. The golden girl, along with her siren songs and malady-inflicting mandachord, will have better shields, energy, and overall stats than her regular variant.

Where to farm Octavia prime relics in Warframe mogul?

Octavia Prime is a great get for any players looking to try out a more unique playstyle. Use this guide to figure out where to look to farm the four Relics you need to build Octavia Prime.

What kind of weapons does Octavia Prime have?

Apart from Octavia Prime herself and her weapons, her prime access will also come with: 1 Her prime weapons: Tenora Prime Pandero Prime 2 The attractive and elaborately-designed Serenidine Prime Syandana 3 An armor set 4 An exclusive prime shawzin players can use to play music. 5 A new mandachord sound pack

Which is the best version of Octavia Prime?

Octavia Prime is the Primed variant of Octavia, possessing higher Shields and Energy, and an additional polarity. Octavia Prime was released alongside Tenora Prime and Pandero Prime.

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