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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of Skoda Octavia RS?

The ŠKODA OCTAVIA RS features a sports chassis with shorter springs and more rigid RS-specific shock absorbers, making the ground clearance 15 mm lower. One of the OCTAVIA RS’s standard features is progressive steering, which helps to improve dynamic steering and comfort during low-speed manoeuvring.

Is the Octavia RS a plug in hybrid?

The Octavia RS iV becomes the company’s first performance model to feature a plug-in hybrid powertrain as automakers are facing stricter regulations and need to lower emissions to avoid paying hefty fines.

How many Skoda Octavias are there in the world?

Three generations of the modern-era Octavia model have been introduced to date, delivered with five-door liftback saloon or five-door estate styles only. The car is front engined, both front- or four-wheel drive are offered. Around five million units have been sold in its two decades of presence on the market.

Can you get a Skoda Octavia with 3 pedals?

Bear in mind you can’t get the diesel with three pedals as Skoda will sell the Octavia RS TDI exclusively with the DSG. All flavors of the RS come with progressive steering and a sport suspension boasting a multi-link rear setup, with the gasoline and diesel models featuring a -15 millimeter (-0.6 inches) ride height.

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