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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get the chassis blueprint in Octavia?

Octavia's main blueprint is acquired upon completion of the Octavia's Anthem quest. The Chassis blueprint is rewarded from the Lua Music Puzzle. The Neuroptics blueprint is rewarded from Rotation C of Deimos Survival.

What's the name of Octavia's signature instrument?

Octavia 's signature instrument that allows her to interact with her abilities. To use it, click the Mandachord button in Octavia's Appearance screen. Tenora Prime: Headshot kills with Alternate Fire have a 20% chance to instantly refill the magazine. Pandero Prime: Headshot kills with Alternate Fire increase reload speed by 20% .

Where does the name Octavia come from In Warframe?

Her name may also have some origin from the Latin name "Octavia", meaning "eighth born". Octavia's Mandachord plays notes in the D Minor Pentatonic scale. "Pent" meaning five, corresponding to the five available notes for the Melody and Bass instruments to select from when composing a song.

How are the mandachords on Octavia Prime different?

Octavia Prime's Mandachords on both arms are elongated, unlike those of her non-Primed counterpart, which are perfect semicircles. This does not affect the Mandachord screen in the Arsenal. Octavia Prime has Prime Details, which are jiggling pieces of cloth on her rear.

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