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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to adopt a Yorkie in Los Angeles?

9 days ago in Los Angeles, CA ADORABLES Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) Summary: Breed - Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) Adoption fee - $1... . 8 days ago in Los Angeles, CA AKC Lilac French Bulldog puppies for sale. We have one female and one male currently available. O... . 12 days ago in Los Angeles, CA

Is your pet advertising free?

Our pet advertising certainly is free; it always has been and it will continue to be. While our most popular categories are dogs, cats, puppies and kittens, we also pride ourselves on the sheer volume of ads available for ferrets, birds, fish, snakes, horses, sugar gliders, exotic animals, and farm animals.

Where can I Sell my Pet for free?

PetClassifieds.US is your top pet finder destination for locating and purchasing all types of pets online. If you'd like to sell your dogs, cats, inguangas, birds, horses or ferrets, you've come to the right place. Post your ad on our network and instantly attract millions of eyes to your beloved animal - FOR FREE .

How old is Theo The Maltipoo dog from Los Angeles?

3 days ago in Los Angeles, CA Meet Theo! This lovely boy is 3lbs and he will mature at around 7-9lbs. He is 13 weeks old maltipoo ... . 17 days ago in Los Angeles, CA Get your SOMEONE SPECIAL! READY TO LEAVE NOW... Contact us Here (213) 419-1311 for their New Homes.... . 11 days ago in Los Angeles, CA

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