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Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy and sell locally with OfferUp?

OfferUp is the simplest way to buy and sell locally. 1. With OfferUp you can easily sell anything like clothes and shoes, used cars, electronics, vintage fashion, and furniture. 2. OfferUp shows you what’s selling nearby in your local community. 3. Communication between buyers & sellers happens through the app via secure messaging.

When did OfferUp acquire Letgo?

The two leading mobile marketplaces in the U.S., OfferUp and Letgo, are joining forces to create a new powerhouse. OfferUp acquired Letgo on July 1, 2020. Loading… Thanks for using OfferUp! We've made updates to many of our existing features to make the app faster and more fun to use than ever before.

How much does it cost to get a scooter fixed?

If you can't bring your scooter to us we offer In Home serve Plans as low as $149.00 for the first year. With our nationwide network of technicians we can get your scooter fixed right in your home. This scooter has made my life so much easier.

What kind of Scooter is the 2021 transformer?

2021 Transformer Folding Scooter The Transformer scooter is nothing else like it on the market. It is an easy to use, ultra portable, lightweight scooter that offers the ultimate in convenience. The perfect scooter for travel, cruising, shopping and more.

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