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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy office supplies in Australia?

Officeworks is Australia’s leading online store for Office Supplies, Stationary, Office Furniture, and much more. Find an Officeworks store.

What kind of job can I get with Officeworks?

We are after an office administrator to be the front face of our care facility. Working in a tight team, this can be part or full time. Opportunity to provide technical claims expertise, particularly in the areas of process improvement and QA of Claims.

What does cost per page at Officeworks mean?

Cost per Page is an Officeworks initiative which provides customers with an insight into the printing costs of printers sold at Officeworks. How accurate is Cost per Page? Cost per Page is a guide only.

Where can I buy a desk for my office?

Discover the range of desks and tables online and in store at Officeworks. You'll find a wide range of office furniture and desks for the office including meeting and boardroom tables, sit stand desks, work stations and office desks. You can also find tables for your business like cafe furniture, coffee tables and reception desks.

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