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Frequently Asked Questions

How big can a digital print be at Officeworks?

Digital printing is made a breeze with Officeworks. Our online service lets you select and print photos instantly. Our digital print sets range between small (6 x 4”) to large (6 x 18”).

How to make a photo print at Officeworks?

Photo Prints 1 You can choose from a wide range of sizes. 2 The photos are printed on high quality Fujifilm paper. 3 The bold and realistic colours enhance your image and make it appear more lifelike. 4 Upload your photos and create your prints online or visit a store for instant printing. More ...

How much does it cost to copy at Officeworks?

If you’re in a rush you can even skip the queue by using our in-store self-service printers. Copying your documents is a breeze with our in-store services. Copying starts at 10 cents per page, and you can choose from a variety of colour options. Like printing, you can skip the queue in-store using our self-serve printers.

Where can I buy Officeworks black and white paper?

Visit your local Officeworks store to print or copy documents starting from just 10c per page. Black & white and colour document printing available.

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