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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ogden Nash's most famous poem?

This is another rhyming couplet from Ogden Nash, like ‘The Cow’ – and, of course, another animal poem. Indeed, after Nash’s cow-poem this may be his most famous and oft-quoted, especially by anyone who’s had to swat an unwanted fly out of a kitchen during the warm summer when the windows are open …

Is Ogden Nash a comic genius?

The great American comic poet Ogden Nash (1902-71) can wrote a great number of short poems, though they were not all classics. However, at his finest, Nash is a comic genius who can achieve that rare thing: to evince audible laughter from the reader.

What is the meaning of Old Men by Ogden Nash?

But unusually in Nash’s oeuvre, ‘Old Men’ is poignant and moving, stating that people expect old men to die and so do not mourn them, but ‘the old man knows when an old man dies’. There is also none of the linguistic jiggery-pokery we find in many other Ogden Nash poems on this list.

Why does Nash use line breaks in the Duck?

The poem is a reminder of the importance of line breaks and versification: the statement Nash offers in the poem could easily be laid out on one simple line of verse, but the use of four short lines here, with the attendant brief pauses that the line-breaks create, are key to the charm of the poem. 3. ‘ The Duck ’.

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