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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ogden Nash’s best poem?

One of Ogden Nash’s best-known poems, ‘The Cow’ is just two lines long, and although we wouldn’t call it his best, it is one of his most famous so deserves its inclusion here.

Who is Ogden Nash?

Ogden Nash [1902-1971] an amazing humourist whose short pithy poems entered the realm as an American Literature treasure . With more than twenty 20 books to his credit he is a versatile writer for children of all ages. Born, Frederick Ogden Nash on August 19, 1902 in Rye, New York, he was an descendant of General Francis Nash.

What makes Ogden Nash’s senescence so special?

Again, though, a lot of the sheer delight of the poem lies in the sounds Nash employs so perfectly, such as the internal rhyme (or near-rhyme) of Senescence with descendants, or the fact that there is an end in descendants. For a good edition of Ogden Nash’s poetry, we recommend The Best of Ogden Nash.

What is the Panther by Ogden Nash about?

‘The Panther’ by Ogden Nash is a children’s poem about panthers. It uses humor to depict the panther and the dangers it poses. Share via:

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