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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find property tax information in Ogdensburg NY?

The public can access the City property tax information by going to Tax Collection Solution. When the log in page appears, enter the Username: ogdpublic and the Password: Resident. Once you get to the home page, click "Entities" on the top left of the page.

Is the Gat es in Ogdensburg NJ open?

It is for Ogdensburg residents only. The dumpsters are in a fenced area. The area will be opened every Saturday morning and remain open until the dumpsters are full. The gat es will then be locked closed and reopened the following Saturday.

Where is the recycling center in Ogdensburg NJ?

Any questions, please contact John Kibildis at (973) 827-4968 or [email protected] The RECYCLING CENTER is located at the Boro garage.

Who is planner for Borough of Ogdensburg NJ?

The Land Use Board is working with the Board Planner on an Economic Development Plan for the Borough of Ogdensburg. Angela Knowles, Board Planner explained to the Board during their August 25, 2020 meeting via zoom/audio that she had spoken to different stakeholders and found a variety of topics that are of interest for the Borough.

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