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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the natural gas rates in Ohio?

Dominion's SCO rate was $2.3610 per MCF - Effective August 14, 2019 through September 12, 2019. Dominion's SCO rate is $2.4710 per MCF - Effective September 13, 2019 through October 13, 2019. Dominion Energy Ohio Rate Sheet.

Who are the natural gas suppliers in Ohio?

Customers placed on the SCO rate will receive their natural gas from one of four suppliers: Direct Energy, DTE Energy Trading Inc, Southstar Energy Services (dba Ohio Natural Gas) or Spire Marketing, Inc MRR commodity service rate beginning March 12, 2021 will be $3.765/mcf.

Where can I shop for energy choice Ohio?

Energy Choice Ohio Energy Choice Ohio is the PUCO's website where consumers can compare electric or natural gas competitive offers. Just as you shop for other products and services, you may also be able to shop for an energy supplier.

What is standard choice offer for natural gas?

The Standard Choice Offer (SCO) rate is based on the New York Mercantile Exchange month-end settlement price, plus a retail price adjustment of $0.15 per mcf. The SCO is a monthly variable rate and represents costs associated with securing natural gas for Dominion's customers.

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