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Frequently Asked Questions

Is old Dominion University a good school?

Within Virginia, Old Dominion University is Considered an Average Quality College at a Good Price. Old Dominion University's overall average net price combined with an average quality education, results in a good value for the money when compared to other colleges and universities in Virginia. This lands Old...

What is Old Dominion University's motto?

Old Dominion University university mottoIdea Fusion

What is the abbreviation for Old Dominion University?

How is Old Dominion University abbreviated? ODU stands for Old Dominion University. ODU is defined as Old Dominion University very frequently.

Who founded Old Dominion University?

Old Dominion University is a higher learning institution based in Norfolk, Virginia. Founded as the College of William and Mary in 1930, the university became known as Old Dominion in 1962, after the historic nickname for the state of Virginia granted by King Charles II when it was a colony of England.

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