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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get my turntable or record player repaired?

Dan at ‘Dallas Vintage Audio’ can handle most repairs and some restoration / refurb work on about any type of vintage Turntable / Record Player / Phonograph repair. They are also specializing in ‘Console Stereo’ repairs.

Where can I get my old audio equipment repaired?

After years in the biz, The folks at ''Birmingham Television Co., Inc" are able to do repairs on most types of classic / vintage audio as well as modern 'mid-Fi', 'Hi-Fi' and 'Audiophile' AUDIO gear including most turntables, record players / phonographs repairs.

Where to get a record player repaired in Colorado Springs?

Turntable / Record Player / Phonograph repair in Colorado / CO.; Norm at 'Norbern Electronics has been the 'Go-To' guy in Colorado Springs for 'Solid' electronics repairs for many years. We and many of our consignors have used them with near flawless results.

Can a record player or phonograph be repaired?

Today it is hard to find a record player repair shop. Or even a repair center that can repair a record player or phonograph. Most repair centers won’t even look at them, and if they do, they only end up making matters worse. Well, search no more! We have been performing record player and phonograph repairs since 1962, and continue to do so.

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