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Which colleges have the most Olympic medals ever?

Which colleges have the most Olympic medals ever? 1. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - 309 MEDALS USC has earned a total of 309 medals including: 144 Gold, 93 Silver,... 2. STANFORD UNIVERSITY - 307 MEDALS Trailing behind USC is another California school, Stanford with 307 medals. In the... 3. ...

What is Michael Phelps total medal count?

Michael Phelps added two more Olympic gold medals to his collection last night by winning the Men’s 200m butterfly and Men’s 4x200m freestyle relay events. It brings his total gold medal count to 21 and total medal count to 25, both Olympic records.

How much are Olympic medals worth?

Standing atop the podium at the Olympics is a priceless memory and experience for athletes. But the medals they receive aren't actually worth that much. A gold medal from the PyeongChang Olympics is only worth about $550 to $600, while a silver medal is valued around $300 to $350, according to the Tax Institute at H&R Block.

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