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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Olympic opening ceremonies last?

Update: The 2018 Olympics opening ceremony ran two hours and 18 minutes on the livestream, including a few short commercial breaks. In the primetime broadcast, it should last the three hours that NBC has scheduled for it, beginning at 8 p.m. ET.

Who sang Imagine at Olympic opening?

However, instead of performing the hit alongside her usual partner, Ji-young sang "Imagine" at the Olympics opening ceremony, alongside Ha Hyun-woo from Guckkasten, Jeon In-kwon from Deulgukhwa, and solo artist Lee Eun-mi.

How much do Olympic tickets cost?

The least expensive Tokyo Olympic tickets were priced at less than $18 (at the exchange rate at the time). The most expensive tickets—the priciest Opening Ceremony seats—were priced at $2,760. In comparison, the priciest Opening Ceremony seats at the 2012 London games went for $2,618 at the 2018 exchange rate.

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