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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in Photo Raw 2021?

Simply tell it what to lose (red) and what to keep (green) and the program will mask it for you. A welcome addition in Photo RAW 2021 is a Refine Mask feature, that cleans up around hair, tree branches, and other fine details that’s hard to get to otherwise.

Why should I buy on1 Photo Raw?

Something nobody wants. In ON1 Photo RAW this will be much different. Each operation is stored as instructions, instead of pixels, and are reprocessed instantly on the fly, often over thirty times a second! The memory requirement no longer grows as you do more with your photos. This allows you to work on more photos at a time.

What happened to the'develop'module in photoraw 2022?

But with PhotoRaw 2022 the "Develop" module, the function I most use in Photo Raw, has been removed as a direct-access from within Photoshop. So now if I'm editing a picture in Photoshop, I have to save my work, exit Photoshop, re-open the photo in the stand-alone version of PhotoRaw in order to use "Develop." Why on earth did they do that?

Is on1 Photo Raw 2021 the Lightroom alternative?

Now, with the recent release of Photo Raw 2021, ON1 once again shows itself to be a prime contender in the Lightroom-alternative game. Want to know what’s new? Not sure if it’s the photo editor for you? Read on. What is ON1 Photo RAW? What is ON1 Photo RAW 360? What is ON1 Photo RAW Mobile? What’s new in ON1 Photo RAW 2021?

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