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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the i-on10 a 10 zone alarm?

The i-on10 is a 10 zone, bells-only (audible alarm) wired intruder alarm panel. It is suitable for simple, entry-level burglar alarm systems to protect homes and small commercial installations. Successor to the popular Scantronic 9651 series panel, it has the benefit of two additional zones and simplified keypad options over its predecessor.

What are the keypads for the i-on10?

Making a house a home means everyone has different ways of securing their property. With the i-on10, the performance bus enables installers to fit up to 4 keypads ensuring that the customer can have the arrangement best for their home. For the i-on10 there is the choice of two keypads: KEY-K01 and KEY-KP01.

How big is one10 in Long Island NY?

One10 Restaurant & Lounge is a Modern Italian Steakhouse set in an awe-inspiring 14,000-square-foot space that exudes a contemporary style with a dramatic, yet welcoming atmosphere.

Is there an i-on10 intruder alarm panel?

Eaton's i-on10 intruder alarm panel is designed for homeowners who want simple, cost-effective property protection and peace of mind. For building owners who want more, there is SecureConnect™, Eaton's range of smart panels for homes and businesses large or small below. New to SecureConnect™?

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