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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does US 176 begin and end in Inman?

US 176 passes through the hamlet of Gramling before passing through the town of Inman, where the highway expands to four lanes with intermittent center turn lane and intersects SC 292, which heads north as Main Street and south as Lyman Road. US 176 expands to a four-lane divided highway just west of its partial cloverleaf interchange with I-26.

Where does US 176 turn into a freeway?

There is no access from northbound SC 56 to eastbound US 176. Just east of the SC 56 interchange, US 176 has a diamond interchange with I-85. At Upper Valley Falls Road, the U.S. Highway becomes a freeway between Southern Shops to the south and Valley Falls to the north.

Where does US 176 begin in Hendersonville NC?

US 176 begins at the southern end of Main Street in the city of Hendersonville. Main Street heads north into the downtown area as US 25 Business; the road also continues south as NC 225 (Greenville Highway). US 176 and US 25 Bus.

What kind of pill has 176 on it?

Pill with imprint 176 is White, Elliptical / Oval and has been identified as Acetaminophen and hydrocodone bitartrate 325 mg / 10 mg.

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