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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the one Philly Project in Philadelphia?

PHILADELPHIA – In case you missed it, the website GovTech this week published a profile of the “One Philly” project that will modernize the City’s outdated IT systems handling payroll, benefits, timekeeping, pensions and human resources.

When did one Philly come out in Philadelphia?

By the end of the year, Philadelphia will have rolled out a new internal system called One Philly, to replace nearly half a dozen outmoded systems — some so old that the only employees who knew their coding languages have started to retire. The One Philly project has been in the making for years, dating all the way back to a genesis of June 2014.

Where are the one city apartments in Philadelphia?

One City offers the most discerning residents the ultimate living experience. Inside this historic building, located at 1401 Arch Street, each apartment residence holds unique original features coupled with contemporary sophistication.

How does one Philly work for the city of Philadelphia?

Once complete, One Philly will be an integrated system that handles all those functions, made possible by working with Oracle’s E-Business Suite. A key feature for city employees is that this one suite not only modernizes those disparate systems, but it also integrates them with each other.

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