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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the employees of OneSteel Manufacturing Pty Ltd?

OneSteel Manufacturing Pty Limited manufactures steel products. The Company offers a variety of products including steel pipes, valves, and sheets. OneSteel Manufacturing serves customers in Australia. NO. OF EMPLOYEES

What kind of steel is structural steel a one?

A-one gold steel produces Various shapes of structural steel: beam, channels, Angle, flats, etc. Used mainly for building steel structures, structural steel is also used for fabricating them. Industrial pipes are used for construction purposes in industries to transport liquids and gases.

What makes structural steel a one gold steel?

The toughness and malleability of mild structural steel manufactured by A-one gold steel is high. It has flexibility, weld-ability because of the various shapes in which they are manufactured and their right balance of chemical proportions.

Which is the best stainless steel company in India?

A-one gold steel is among the top 50 steel companies in India to have manufactured high strength and advanced Indian stainless steel products. Having a strong passion for serving humankind with dedication and integrity, this one steel group was established by Mr. Krishan Kumar Jalan, keeping in mind the principals of the steel market.

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