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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about onesteels structural steel?

This booklet has been compiled to assist builders, draftspersons and designers to specify and use OneSteel’s range of structural steel. It contains span tables, surface treatmentspecifications and installation details on the use of OneSteel’s structural steel products in various residential building applications.

What is the environmental management system for OneSteel?

• OneSteel has a valid 14001 Environmental Management System in place. • OneSteel is a member of the World Steel Association’s Climate Action Programme. • At least 60% of OneSteel Reinforcing steel is produced using Polymer Injection Technology – an energy reducing process in manufacturing.

When did one steel start making structural steel?

Newcastle in 1915 and continues to the present day. information on a range of hot rolled and structural steel products. OneSteel is Australias premier manufacturer of steel long products. Furthermore, this booklet will give you guidance on how OneSteel

When did OneSteel reinforcing start as Aquila Steel?

OneSteel Reinforcing has ACRS third party certified world-class manufacturing and provides innovative engineered reinforcing solutions to reduce labour needs and streamline construction. We started as Aquila Steel in 1928 so we have a long history.

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