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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of OneSteel recycling Australia?

OneSteel Recycling (previously owned by Arrium Limited) is rebranded to Liberty Recycling due to the acquisition by GFG Alliance in Sep 2017. Liberty Recycling (Australia base) has more than 500 dedicated employees and handles in excess of million tonnes of ferrous scrap and nonferrous scrap per annum.

Where can I Recycle my metal in Australia?

With a national network of recycling facilities around Australia, InfraBuild Recycling provides metal recycling solutions to broad range of scrap metal generators, from households to industrials.

How much waste is recycled in Hong Kong?

International Recycling NewsNonferrousPlasticsPaper Hong Kong set a target to reduce each citizen's daily municipal solid waste disposal by 20 percent, or 1 kilogram (slightly more than 2 pounds) by 2017 and by 40 percent, or 0.8 kilogram (slightly more than 1.5 pounds) by 2022.

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