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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best steel reinforcement company in Australia?

OneSteel Reinforcing was one of the first rebar and mesh processors in Australia to receive Quality Compliance Certification from the Australian Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels (ACRS). This helps to ensure that Australia's construction standards are met with the use of compliant materials. 3 3

How is OneSteel reinforcing rebar and reomesh produced?

• At least 60% of OneSteel Reinforcing steel is produced using Polymer Injection Technology – an energy reducing process in manufacturing. • At least 95% of all OneSteel Reinforcing rebar and reomesh meets or exceeds 500 MPa strength grade. • At least 15% by mass of all OneSteel Reinforcing REBAR and REOMESH®

When did OneSteel reinforcing start as Aquila Steel?

OneSteel Reinforcing has ACRS third party certified world-class manufacturing and provides innovative engineered reinforcing solutions to reduce labour needs and streamline construction. We started as Aquila Steel in 1928 so we have a long history.

Which is the best steel reinforcement for concrete?

Steel Reinforcement Standards & Relevant Concrete Construction Standards 67 OneSteel Reinforcing REOMESH®& REBAR are ACRS accredited 72 Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia (SRIA) Technical Notes 73 OneSteel Reinforcing Branch Locations 74 - 6 OneSteel Reinforcing has introduced a selected range of REBAR, REOMESH®and Decking products.

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