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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the owners of OneSteel wire Australia?

OneSteel Wire Pty. Ltd. ABN 59 000 010 873 OneSteel NSW Pty. Ltd. ABN 59 003 312 892 Commonwealth Steel Company Pty. Ltd. ABN 58 000 007 698 The Australian Steel Company (Operations) Pty. Ltd. ABN 89 069 426 955 (Refer to Attachment to Certificate of Registration dated 1 February 2011 for additional certified sit es) operates an

What kind of products does OneSteel limited make?

OneSteel Limited (OST) is a steel manufacturing and distribution company that is engaged in the mining, manufacturing and distribution of metal and steel products. Its main product line includes rail tracks, structural, rods, cold finished bars, merchant bars, reinforcing steel, chrome plated bars, tube, wires, fittings, valves and pipes.

Who is the largest wire manufacturer in Australia?

Australia’s largest manufacturer of wire for construction and manufacturing industries, InfraBuild Wire manufactures an extensive range of high & low carbon wire products. InfraBuild Steel operates two electric arc furnaces, and four rod and bar rolling mills, with manufacturing sites in Victoria and New South Wales.

When was OneSteel Limited listed on the Australian Stock Exchange?

Back in 2000, OneSteel Limited (OST) was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. There were eight businesses that are related to steel manufacturing, mining, and metal products that merged to form the OneSteel company. The eight businesses were run independently by their own businesses.

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