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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a countdown clock?

Click the “Countdown” button in the TimeLeft Quick Task window. Click the “Add” button to create a new countdown setting. Configure the date, time, title and layout of your new countdown, then click the “Apply” button. A new countdown timer will appear on your desktop, using the date and time you specified.

How to get countdown clock on signature?

How do I get a signature countdown timer? Generate your countdown image: Go to TickerFactory or CountdownImages and follow the instructions on either site to... Add your countdown image to your signature: Edit your MousePad signature. Click in the edit box where you want the... Edit your MousePad ...

What is Internet timer?

The internet timer provided by is an incredible tool to track time intervals. Whether you need an alarm clock, timer or a stopwatch that can work online, we have got you covered. It allows you to keep track of time online without installation of any software and the b best thing is, you don’t have to keep a separate gadget for it.

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