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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the sound of the timer?

To change the sound for alarms and timers, tap on "Alarm" under "Notification Sounds". You can then select a sound to use. "Celebrity" is a category that features a small handful of celebrity voices as an alarm sound. Otherwise, take your pick from the list underneath "Custom".

How do you set a timer for 5?

Steps 1 – Open Cortana and click on the Microphone icon located at the lowermost right corner. Step 2 – Once the Cortana comes in Listening mode, speak Hey Cortana, set a timer for 5 minutes. Otherwise, you can copy Hey Cortana, set a timer for 5 minutes from this line and paste in the search field.

What is a timer that counts up?

A timer which counts upwards from zero for measuring elapsed time is often called a stopwatch, while a device which counts down from a specified time interval is more usually called a timer.

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