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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Onslow County Schools?

Onslow County Schools is a growing school system and is currently among the 15 largest systems in the state of North Carolina. Our local community and school communities have a strong collaborative relationship, working together to provide an atmosphere of support for educational innovation and opportunity for all students.

What are the residency requirements for parents in Onslow County?

Parents must meet all residency requirements. To be eligible, children must be of the appropriate age as described in Onslow County Board of Education Policy 4100 found HERE. Parents who wish for their child to attend a school other than the one assigned by their address, must fill out a separate reassignment application.

Do I need pre-approval to enroll in Onslow virtual school?

Please be aware the Onslow Virtual School has reached maximum capacity and enrollment in that program requires pre-approval.

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