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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the onza Porcupine tread pattern?

The tread pattern is extremely aggressive, with very tall, widely spaced knobs. As you can imagine, this is a tire that feels good on soft and wet terrain, as Onza themselves indicated. Onza sent me two Porcupine RC tires, but I only mounted one on the front. The reason?

Are onza Porcupine RC tires worth the price?

"Onza seems to have dialed the tread and casing rebound properties to give them a comfortable manner on the roughest of tracks, without any sudden snapping or squirming." Finally, Brian concludes that the Porcupine RC tires are well worth the €69.90 price tag (depending on region) for folks who genuinely love wet riding.

Are Porcupine tires any good?

Tire models such as the RIP, the DAVE, the RAIL, and of course the PORCUPINE were at the pinnacle of tire innovation in terms of grip and performance. After more than 30 years, it is time to revive the PORCUPINE’s legendary performance and achievements. The Porcupine is the ideal allrounder that works in every situation, no matter the conditions.

Is the Porcupine RC Tubeless ready?

As all ONZA tires the Porcupine RC is tubeless ready. "I have found laughable amounts of traction on our local trails, only to look back and see my friends flailing on the ground for trying to keep up.

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