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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs are available at Publix?

Most positions at Publix are entry level jobs. These include cashiers, associates within the various departments, baggers, and stocking associates, to name a few. Other positions that may involve more experience include pharmacy technicians, customer service representatives, demonstrators, pharmacists, and supervisory and managerial positions.

What jobs are in the US?

Some Americans work in the nation's many national parks. Many Americans have office jobs, especially those whom live in or near a city. Millions of Americans work in farming, fishing, or forestry. A commercial fishing boat.

What are career openings?

A job opening is a vacancy which an employer desires to fill. Typically, such openings are advertised in appropriate places, to ensure that the company gets a broad cross-section of suitable applicants. For job seekers, tracking down job openings is very important, while employers want to quickly fill the position with the best possible person.

What are the jobs in Minnesota?

In General: A majority of Minnesota’s jobs are in the service industry, however other sectors offering significant career opportunities include wholesale and retail trade (19%), the finance, real estate and insurance industry (33%) and manufacturing (15%).

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