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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dictionary definition of the word operated?

Define operated. operated synonyms, operated pronunciation, operated translation, English dictionary definition of operated. v. op·er·at·ed , op·er·at·ing , op·er·ates v. intr. 1. To perform a function; work: The motor operates smoothly. 2. To perform surgery. 3. a. Operated - definition of operated by The Free Dictionary

What is the meaning of op-operate?

op·er·ate 1. To control the functioning of; run: operate a sewing machine. 2. To conduct the affairs of; manage: operate a business. 3. To supply with power: a car that is operated by electricity.

What does it mean to operate a machine?

Kids Definition of operate. 1 : to work or cause to work in a proper or particular way The machine is operating smoothly. He will learn to operate a car. 2 : manage sense 1 They operate a farm.

What is an example of operate in a sentence?

Examples of operate in a Sentence. They hope to have the windmill operating again tomorrow. The camera also operates underwater. The machine can operate at high speeds. instructions for operating the new microwave oven a license to operate a motor vehicle The café is owned and operated by a young couple.

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