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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Operation Migration-USA?

Operation Migration-USA Inc was established in 1999 as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. In collaboration with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership, Operation Migration has participated in the reintroduction of endangered Whooping cranes into eastern North America since 2001.

Which folder should be closed during a migration?

0x0204000D All files and folders in the Migration Manager working folder, %appdata%\Microsoft\SPMigration\Logs\Migration\MigrationToolStorage, must be closed during migration. Restart your migration.

Why did a failure occur in my migration?

A failure occurred due to job end failures; some items failed in the package. Restart migration. 0x01710009 Errors or timeout for Server Processing the file: Not all the items in the package have been migrated.

What happens to the previous opening and optional closing transactions?

If this option is set to No, the previous opening and optional closing transactions remain, and an additional opening or closing transaction is created to move the balances forward from adjusting transactions that are posted after the previous year-end close.

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