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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do sandhill cranes migrate to?

Each spring and fall, an awe-inspiring event takes place: hundreds of thousands of sandhill cranes make a stopover on the Platte River in Nebraska in the middle of their migration. Every year, people flock to south-central Nebraska to watch the majestic birds in nature.

Where can I see the Cranes in South Africa?

The Rowe Sanctuary near Gibbon is one of the most popular places to watch the cranes. The sanctuary even offers guided excursions that let visitors observe the cranes from an excellent vantage point. Unfortunately, the 2020 migration was interrupted - for humans, anyway - by the need to stay home in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Where can I see cranes in South Dakota?

The Rowe Sanctuary's Crane Cam gives a live view of the cranes roosting in the Platte River. Relax in your warm home while you observe the graceful birds. You have the best chance of seeing them if you watch near sunrise or sunset since the cranes fly off to feed during the day.

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