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Frequently Asked Questions

When does whooping crane migrate?

Whooping cranes begin their fall migration south to Texas in mid-September and begin the spring migration north to Canada in late March or early April. Whooping cranes migrate more than 2,400 miles a year. As many as 1,400 whooping cranes migrated across North America in the mid-1800s.

Where do whooping cranes winter?

Whooping Cranes have two homes. In the winter they live in marshes and ponds near the Gulf of Mexico in a refuge in Texas called Aransas Wildlife Refuge. In the summer they live in Wood Buffalo National Park in northern Canada.

Where do the whooping cranes live?

During the summer, whooping cranes live in the Wood Buffalo National Park. Once summer is over, whooping cranes migrate to the Arkansas National Wildlife Refuge. A small population also lives year-round on the Kissimmee Prairie.

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