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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to audit your operations manual?

An operations manual can be a wonderful document, centralizing information on processes, procedures, company hierarchy, important business policies, and the like. However, operation manuals can also be useless if they're not written, managed, and used properly. Therefore, you need to audit your operations manual to ensure it's the best it can be.

How to assess adequacy and effectiveness of Internal Audit controls?

The internal audit manual may contain guidance on how to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of controls. This should include manual controls as well as general IT controls and specific application controls. Detailed guidance on how to achieve this goal can be described in the annexes.

What is the difference between internal audit and operational audit?

Internal audits complement the work of operational audits, which includes some form of budget, or a financial review. Operational Audits: As noted, operational audits focus on the review and assessment of single or multiple business processes.

What are some examples of operational audit and audit plan?

Operational Audit and Audit Plan Examples City Operational Audit Examples - El Paso, Texas: Like most cities, El Paso Texas reports each fiscal year on multiple... State Operational Audit Plan Example - Indiana Office of Management & Budget: Deloitte & Touche performed an audit for... Hospital ...

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