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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages is the 2020 MLB operations manual?

After an initial 67-page draft circulated in mid-May, the MLB Operations Manual for the 2020 season is now 101 pages. Comparing the two documents sheds some light on just how much has been worked out since the first vision of pandemic baseball.

What is the enhanced 2021 operations manual?

The enhanced 2021 Operations Manual will apply during Spring Training, the Championship Season and the Postseason, and also includes a one-year continuation of seven-inning doubleheaders and the modified extra innings rule during the 2020 championship season. Spring Training presented by Camping World begins on Wednesday, February 17th.

How will MLB handle health and safety during the 2021 season?

MLB and MLBPA will revisit the health and safety protocols throughout the season to consider whether enhancements or relaxations of certain protocols are appropriate based on experience or changes in circumstances. Any doubleheaders scheduled in connection with the 2021 Championship Season will consist of two seven-innings games.

What is the new MLB Extra-Innings rule for the 2020 season?

The modified extra-innings rule employed during the 2020 season ( i.e., each extra half-inning will begin with a runner on second base) will also be in effect for the upcoming season.

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