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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the operations manual template used for?

This template is designed to help you easily build a solid operations manual for your business's employees. How is the Operations Manual Template used? First, add this template to your account in Process Street.

Do you really need an operations manual?

Sign up for an account for free, add the above template to your account, and then follow the instructions in the template. In the earlier quote from Ben Mulholland’s article, he mentions that a benefit of having an operations manual is that it can severely reduce human error.

Is an operations manual the same as an employee handbook?

An operations manual is different from an employee handbook, and it’s very common (not to mention strongly advised) for a business to create, establish, and have both types of documents. An employee handbook usually covers the company’s:

How do I create an operations manual in process Street?

First, add this template to your account in Process Street. Then go through each section, following Process Street's concise instructions to write your operations manual. This is mainly done by filling in the blanks (signified by square brackets []). To make any changes, you'll need to click the " Edit Template " button.

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