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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of an Air Force Research Analyst?

Problem solvers who find ways to make Air Force operations more efficient and cost-effective, these officers perform a wide variety of duties including operations research, general research, testing and evaluation analysis, mission support analysis and logistics analysis.

What's the new AFSC for operations research analyst?

Under the change, all total force operations research analyst officers convert from 61A to the newly created 15A AFSC.

What's the responsibility of an Operations Research Analyst?

To ensure a successful mission, we must always be operating at the highest level. It’s the responsibility of Operations Research Analysts to make this possible.

What's the change in the Air Force specialty code?

The Air Force has reclassified the position of “operations research analyst” to a new Air Force specialty code, moving the career field from the acquisition and financial management AFSC to the operations AFSC. The change, which went into effect April 30, reflects the broader shift across the Air Force on the importance of information and data.

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