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Frequently Asked Questions

Does OWCP or OPM count towards retirement?

A: While on OWCP benefits, six months out of every year count towards your creditable years of service. However, if you are approved for Disability Retirement, you will receive all that time retroactively once you begin receiving your regular retirement at age 62.

Will I pay taxes if I get OPM disability retirement?

OWCP benefits are non-taxable. OPM Disability Retirement benefits, on the other hand, are taxed. While receiving disability retirement benefits, a person may undertake a job search, accept another position, and earn up to 80% of what his or her former position currently pays.

What is a retirement application?

Application retirement. Application retirement, also called application decommissioning and application sunsetting, is the practice of shutting down redundant or obsolete business applications while retaining access to the historical data.

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