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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Oporto Fooding house and wine open?

OPORTO Fooding House & Wine is the evolution of Oporto Wine Cafe, a a food and wine bar concept originated in 2006 by Rick Di Virgilio. Combining a rustic Portuguese inspired menu with a boutique old world wine list and proper cocktail bar alongside a cafe. An original all day cafe and bar, Oporto Fooding House & Wine.

What foods do they serve at Oporto in Houston?

I've also read the crab avocado crostini and the two curry dishes (chicken empanadas and seafood/snapper curry) are worth exploring, so I'll try those one day when I can order more than just the octopus and the lamb ribs. I want to go here every week until I finish this menu.

When is happy hour at Oporto in Houston?

Happy hour is from mon-fri until 630ish. -cod croquettes - i enjoyed it. Kind of taste like fish sticks but with a fancier twist. -lamb meatballs - had a lemon, sour, aromatic type of taste and smell to it.

Why did we go to Oporto in Houston?

Probably one of gage's favorite spots in Houston and there's totally a giant reason for that. We were here to celebrate a late late birthday for him because you know, I'm a terrible boyfriend like that.

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