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Frequently Asked Questions

What to say about Oporto Fooding house and wine?

Start your review of Oporto Fooding House & Wine. Found this restaurant actually on here! Went this past weekend! From the service to the food, and drinks: everything was top notch! The ambiance of the restaurant was beautiful, and the different dishes on the menu were delicious!

What kind of restaurant is Oporto in Houston?

Story time! Oporto is a Portuguese tapa's restaurant. Don't know what tapas are? Essentially small bites and appetizers where everything is meant to be shared and family styled.

Is the food at Oporto tapas or tapas?

Seriously, it's like an ancient scroll that keeps unrolling. While the service is sloooooow, the food is good and the interior beautiful. I love the variety of dishes and food you get to try here at Oporto. It is of course tapas style so you can share amongst yourself, friends, family, dates whoever.

What kind of food is at Oporto in Barcelona?

Being a Portuguese tourist, right in the heart of Barcelona I find a piece of home. Oporto gives us a warm cozy welcome, and the food is sublime. The Real deal when it comes to "Francesinhas", seafood and... the rest of the menu. Great decor full of history ans stories. The service is splendid.

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