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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect an optical cable?

Then, follow the steps below – Enter one side of the Optical Cable to the Optical Digital IN port. The Optical Digital IN port usually locates on the back of the soundbar. Now, connect the cable's other end to the Optical Digital OUT port. The location of this OUT port is on the back of your TV. Then, power on your device.

What does optical cable do I Need?

Optical cables are popular choices for those with a home theater system as they do provide quality sound. Optical cables, however, only relay audio. This means you will need an additional cable to relay video and images between your devices. When considering which Soundbar is best for you, you need to consider some personal factors and preferences.

Is SPDIF cable the same as optical cable?

Is S/PDIF cable the same as optical? Both S/PDIF and optical are digital connections, though they are different. Optical typically refers to ADAT protocol over a fiberoptic cable or TOSLINK. S/PDIF, on the other hand, typically transmits over an RCA or coaxial cable.

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