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Frequently Asked Questions

How many days does an Optus Plan last?

Optus offers a range of Prepaid plans, including one 365-day long-expiry plan, a few 42-day Prepaid plans, and a couple of cheaper options that run under a month. Like other Prepaid telcos, Optus treats a month as 28 days, which means you should factor in 13 recharges if you’re looking to determine first-year pricing.

Which is the best plan for Optus Mobile?

Here are a few of the most popular Optus mobile phone plans. As one of the big three telcos, you can always count on Optus to be in the mix when the latest and most popular smartphones release. And while Samsung fans are typically best off going with Woolworths Mobile]

How much data can I get with Optus?

Below is a daily updating list of popular Prepaid plans with at least 10GB of data. The most monthly data you can get with an Optus Prepaid plan is with the Optus Prepaid Epic Data – $50 Recharge plan, which comes with 55GB of data for the first three months before reverting to 30GB.

What can I do with Optus home NBN plan?

An Optus NBN Home Internet plan puts the best of the internet at your fingertips. Catch up on your favourite videos, social media and online shopping on a plan that's tailored for you. Or choose an internet plan that includes great entertainment extras like Optus Sport and Fetch Mighty. We're experiencing high demand

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