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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the new long expiry plan for Optus?

The new Optus prepaid Long Expiry. We’re introducing a new long expiry plan called the Optus Prepaid Long Expiry. The plan features the same long expiry credit that we know you'll love with new $70, $80 and $100 recharge options - all with 365 days expiry.

Which is the best long expiry prepaid plan?

Optus long-expiry prepaid plans Optus offers a huge variety of long expiry prepaid options but the majority of them don’t actually include any data and instead charge per MB used (which is deducted from your recharge amount). This is an archaic pricing model but Optus does have options for long expiry prepaid with included data.

When do I pay off my Optus prepaid phone?

If you want a new phone, you can choose to pay it off over 12, 24, or 36 months. Optus also has a range of prepaid plans available on a short term and long expiry basis. If you have multiple Optus postpaid phone plans on the same account you can pool all of the data from these plans together and share it across all of these services.

When does the Optus MyTalk add on expire?

$5 MyTalk Add On: Up to 200 mins to standard Australian mobiles and landlines, 13/1300 numbers and Voicemail. Charged per minute. Expires in 28 days or on next MyTalk Add On purchase, whichever is earlier. $5 Optus Sport Add On: Add $5 Optus Sport Add on, which provides access to the premium content available on Optus Sport App for 28 days.

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