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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Optus prepaid mobile cost?

Prepaid Mobile – Optus Prepaid. 1 $150 SIM with 100GB of data. For new customers only. Must activate on Optus Prepaid Epic Value plan. Online only. ( T&Cs ) 2 $30 Mobile SIM for $10. 3 $69 modem for $49.

Can I bring my own phone to Optus for free?

Our mobile SIM plans are free from any lock-in contract. You can bring your own phone to Optus or add a new phone. It starts with the Optus Family Mobile Plan with 4 SIMs. Optus Pause is a new tool to help manage your time online.

What is the Optus epic data plan?

The Optus Epic Data plans are focused on prepaid users that like to use a lot of data. All of these recharges have unlimited SMS, with unlimited standard national calls starting on the $30 recharge and up — the $10 recharge includes up to 100 minutes and the $20 recharge has up to 200 minutes of calls.

How do I Activate my Optus subscription with a new number?

Available for activation with a new mobile number via My Optus app self-service activation only on the 7-day subscription. Credit/debit card details required for activation, plus valid ID if prompted.

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