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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Optus prepaid phone cost?

Prepaid Mobile – Optus Prepaid. 1 $150 SIM with 100GB of data. For new customers only. Must activate on Optus Prepaid Epic Value plan. Online only. ( T&Cs ) 2 $30 Mobile SIM for $10. 3 $69 modem for $49.

Can a Big W phone be unlocked by Optus?

As long as it was Optus locked – regardless of where it came from, whether it's Optus, Big W, Kmart, Australia Post – Optus can unlock it. When I put the Big W purchased phone's IMEI into the Optus website it said it was not theirs to unlock.

Is the Optus X Smart a good phone?

Unsurprisingly, this is not what you get from an Optus phone. The higher-end Optus X Smart packs an 8MP, single-lens rear-facing camera capable of decent but not great photography, and cheaper handsets pare that back even further. In short, don't expect an Optus phone to replace your dedicated digital camera just yet.

Can a Optus phone connect to a 4G network?

Network support is a far greater concern for Optus phones than most other handsets. Where the vast majority of modern smartphones support 4G as a given, some Optus handsets are only capable of connecting to slower 3G networks. Buy one of these handsets and you'll be limited to a fraction of the Internet speeds possible on modern mobile networks.

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