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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to unlock devices on Optus?

Postpaid devices: There's currently no fee to unlock devices purchased on an Optus plan. Why unlock? An unlocked handset is one that can be used on any network, and that means you can take advantage of the wide range of plans available to you, especially if you opt for a prepaid phone plan.

Is my Optus mobile phone network locked?

These days, phones on a contract are almost never network locked, but if you've got a prepaid phone from Optus, it's possible it might be restricted. Unlocking your Optus mobile phone is a fairly easy procedure, although in some cases a fee may apply.

How much does Optus prepaid mobile cost?

Prepaid Mobile – Optus Prepaid. 1 $150 SIM with 100GB of data. For new customers only. Must activate on Optus Prepaid Epic Value plan. Online only. ( T&Cs ) 2 $30 Mobile SIM for $10. 3 $69 modem for $49.

How do I unlock my Blackberry from Optus?

Step by step: unlock your BlackBerry from Optus. To get your BlackBerry unlocked, use the form at and pay the fee via credit card, if applicable. You will then need to: Switch off your phone. Insert a non-Optus SIM. Restart your phone and enter your network unlock key.

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