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Frequently Asked Questions

How much data do I get with Optus prepaid?

Plans come with up to 50GB data rollover, and unlimited talk and text within Australia but otherwise are relatively bareboned. You can tailor your plan with extra Add-Ons once your service is up and running. Whether you go with Optus postpaid, or Optus prepaid you’ll get the same expansive coverage.

How much does the Optus Flex Plan cost?

Flexibility is the name of the game for Optus Flex prepaid plans. With Flex plans you’re able to switch features every day, week, or month - all you’ll need to do is pick your expiry period. Each plan costs $1 per day, and comes with unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data per day.

Do you roll over unused data with Optus epic?

Roll over any unused data up to 50GB when you recharge before expiry on both Optus Prepaid Epic Data and Optus Prepaid Epic Value plans. With the Optus Prepaid Epic Data plan, you get up to 10GB to stream on Netflix, Stan, ABC iView, ABC Kids and ABC ME. Video streaming data does not roll over.

How does Afterpay work with an Optus Sim?

The payment arrangement is made with Afterpay and they will approve payments at time of order. Afterpay will take a number of factors into account when approving or declining orders. For example, new Afterpay customers will likely have a lower purchase price limit than existing Afterpay customers.

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