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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get Optus unlimited data?

Up until now, Optus customers could get unlimited data in only one way, using Optus's Unlimited Data Day Deal. Unlike the base plans from each provider, this provided truly unlimited data at full speed, costing an additional $5 for each 24-hour period. Let's see how Optus's new "unlimited" plans compare to its competitors, Telstra and Vodafone.

How much is Optus game path for 3 months?

$0 Game Path for 3 months on $79 Optus Internet Gamer and $99 Optus Internet Gamer Fast plans: Eligible customer can add Game Path for $0/mth for 3 months after which it reverts to standard pricing (normally $10/mth) until cancelled. Discount available one time only per customer account. See page for details. You have reached the end of the dialog.

What are the NBN plans for Optus family?

With our introductory offer on selected nbn plans. We’ve kept reliability and safety in mind with Optus Ultra WiFi Booster and WiFi Secure included in all our Family Internet Plans. Our Gamer Plans are built to maximise performance with great speeds, a dedicated gaming modem and a 3-month trial for Game Path™ to reduce lag and ping spikes.

What happens if I cancel my Optus 4G plan?

Wireless internet in an Optus 4G serviceable area You have reached the end of the dialog. Eligible customers only. Reverts to standard data inclusion after 12 months. Not available with device payment plan. Forfeited if you cancel or recontract. N/A with other bonus data offers, unless specified.

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