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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I enter my Optus myzoo password?

To access your My Account tools (including personalisation), please enter your Optus Internet username and password:

How can I access my Optus email account?

In order to access Optus webmail account, you need to have a computer or tablet along with a secure internet connection. Another important thing is the Optus webmail address to be used to fill in the required fields for optus webmail login. Click on this link. Type your Email ID in the Email field and password under the password box.

Is there a limit to the size of Optus mailbox?

If you’ve exceeded your mailbox size limit, you’ll receive an email to let you know. OptusNet has a mailbox limit of 500MB. To reduce the size of your mailbox, delete any unwanted emails. Make sure to remove emails from your Spam, Deleted Items and Sent Folders. Click here for more help understanding the size of your OptusNet mailbox.

What happens when I log out of my myzoo account?

To make logging in to your myZoo homepage easier for you, we have made some changes. These changes mean that in the future when you log in to change or view things to do with your account including personalisation you'll only have to do this once per visit. Your personalised homepage will remain visible until you log out from the homepage.

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